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I wake up in the morning to the sound of the waves. The air is warm, not too hot. The dawn is pink and light blue, some seagulls cross the sky, calling eachoter. I open the window to the fresh morning air and I feel like everything – the sea, the beach, the seagulls- is waiting for me. ‘The world is mine’ today this little corner of it especially.

I want to have a splash in the Ocean. I want to dance to some new beat in a hip club till dawn comes. I want to shop till I drop in the small designers shop. I want to see the dawn in the desert. I want to explore the little towns along the coast. I want adventure and the buzz of a big city. I want nature and the sunset over an urban skyline. I want the sound of the Ocean and the song of the whales. In one word: I want California. If you dream, #dreambig, they say. cali5

Sea, desert, volcanos, forests, lakes, mountains: seems that this US State really has so much to offer. No, unfortunately I’m not surfing Cali shores yet, but I would really love to be there. If there’s a place on the top of my travel bucket list, that’s it. I’ve actually been there before, but I was a teenager and it was just for a few days. It was enough to fall in love with it and, since then, I’ve always hoped to come back.

Here’s my ‘California bucket list’, what I would like to do in the trip of my dreams:

1. go whalewatching. I promised my sister I would take her see whales and dolphins off the shores of California, and one day we’ll surely will. I can definitely picture myself wrapped in a wind jacket, in the open Ocean, trying to spot (and finally spotting!) the grey back of a whale. cali27

2. rent a car and drive all the way along the coast. Isn’t it the ultimate fantasy about California? A cabriolet car, hands up in the air, some good music on the radio and an amazing landscape around, be it the cliffs or the desert. A quick stop for a nice burger or an icecream and a whole new world to explore. That’s what’s travelling is all about!


3. ride a horse on the beach (romantic, I know…). And when I say on the beach I mean it literally, you know, with the warm breeze, the sunset and everything. I’ve heard Pismo beach is *the place* for it.


4. get a tan. Of course! You can’t visit California and coming back with you usual pale face, you gotta be glowing! I remember Santa Barbara as one of the prettiest places in California and I would love to chill there for a few days, just wearing bikinis, strapless dresses and flipflops all day long.

5. enjoy San Francisco. It’s an amazing city, and I would love to discover it a bit more. From the steep streets to the tram, from Alcatraz to the seals at the Pier, I want to LIVE this city, even if for a few days. Let me tell you something funny: when me and my family visited SF I was quite a restless teenager and, after a fight with my dad, I decided it could be a good idea just to… run away. I had this ultimate romantic fantasy that if I escaped, eventually something amazing and adventurous would happen – like , I don’t know, finding a charming rescuer or get a job and spend the rest of my life under a new identity in the beautiful, mysterious and to me so exotic San Francisco. Well, surprisingly enough since none of us had mobiles at that time, they catch me after a couple of hours. I was quite predictably looking at the seals at SF Pier 39. Since then, I always wanted to come back!


6. walk through enchanting forests. I would love to visit the Yosemite National Park, with its huge trees and amazing waterfalls. It is such a marvellous place if you want to immerse yourself in the purest nature. Taking deep breaths beneath trees that are taller than your house: what a dream. cali23

7. visit the desert. And maybe dress like a gipsy queen a get a photoshoot there. But also take some pictures myself. It seems like an utterly fascinating place, full of a strange magic… Just have a look at Joshua Tree National Park! USA 2002 (July 27th) California, Joshua Tree National Park

8. go to Disneyland! My inner child has to be satisfied, therefore a quick stop (or maybe not so quick) at Mickey’s place is a must! I have visited many Disneylands before but never the one in California. I’m already getting excited… cali22

9. have a wine tour. Slowly driving through the vineyards in the countryside, stopping to have a great glass of California wine. Doesn’t it sound amazing? cali21

10. last but not least… try to surf! Maybe I won’t be able to ride big waves but at least I will take that iconic pic with the shortboard under my arms while I run towards the sea looking like a Baywatch lifeguard (not). Sounds great fun anyway! cali24

I hope I have inspired you a little bit 🙂 If you have recently been to California or you plan to do so, please share your tips and experiences!

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