Last day in Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris Christmas

I was telling you about the fabulous Disney Magic show, do you remember? Well, right after the amazing show we headed off to the Walt Disney Studios for a special dinner.

Disneyland Paris StudiosDisneyland Paris Christmas

This new area of Disneyland Paris hosts rides and attractions of the most recent Disney and Disney Pixar movies such as Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters & co., Lilo and Stitch and Ratatouille.

We passed by a strange place, that pink door looked inviting but I didn’t dare to enter…

Disneyland Paris Studios

And somehow we ended up in Paris. Mais oui, Paris! It was a little square in Montmartre or Le Marais maybe. Everything was so perfect, including lights, atmosphere and the sound of some music playing softly. Ah, Paris! And… wait, what about that sign: ‘Gusteau’s’?

Disneyland Ratatouille

Oh yes: Rémy the mouse was waiting for us in his own restaurant. It was perfect. We sat on a table stuck between two giant plates, sitting on bottle corks, eating by the shine of some giant sized string lights.

Disneyland Paris StudiosDisneyland Paris ChristmasDisneyland Paris Christmas

I strongly recommend you the new Ratatouille attraction, a 3D ride where you’ll be shrinked the size of Rémy, trying to hide in the restaurant kitchen. So much fun and so realistic as well!

The morning after we start exploring the areas we missed on day one: Discoveryland, Adventureland e Frontierland.

The first one is all about spaceships, aliens, Star Wars and galactic trips.

Disneyland Paris ChristmasDisneyland Paris ChristmasDisneyland Paris ChristmasDisneyland Paris Christmas

Viola actually loved the most vintage ride, Autopia, where she could actually drive a car (I had my foot on the brakes though!).

Then we dived into the pirates world in Adventureland. If your kid is into eye patches and treasures you’ll probably get stuck here. Unfortunately she was scared to go on the Pirates of the Caribbeans ride but that’s another one I recommend if your kids are into pirates and don’t get easily scared (no big deal, but lots of dark rooms and skeletons, which my girl isn’t very fond of).

Disneyland Paris Christmas

Disneyland Paris Christmas

Frontierland is the Far West themed area and it’s mostly about rollercoasters like Big Thunder Mountain and the Indiana Jones one. We basically just enjoyed the perfect reconstruction, including horseshoe marks on the ground.

Disneyland Paris Christmas


Then we came back to the Walt Disney Studios, to enjoy its 50s mood and to do some new rides.


As I said, the best one is probably Ratatouille but the entire Toy Story and Cars area is so much fun for the kids, we even met Buzz Lightyear. I HAD to go to the Stitch theatre show because I love Stitch, and it was hilarious.


And we had a very happy ending for our weekend. A gala dinner hosted by Mickey Mouse and his friends. What friends? Well…

Disneyland PrincessesDisneyland Princessesdisney68Disneyland PrincessesDisneyland Princesses

…the princesses!

Disneyland PrincessesDisneyland PrincessesDisneyland PrincessesDisneyland Princesses  Disneyland PrincessesDisneyland Princesses

Isn’t this the sweetest picture?

We left Disneyland Paris full of magical memories, I’m sure we’re going to talk a lot about this little holiday. Now, and in the future. Just like it happened to me, I hope that Disneyland Paris will mark in her life a moment of joy, happiness, fun she’ll always be able to recall. It was so special I can’t wait to come back there!

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