We’re going to Disneyland Paris!

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When I first took a plane I was eleven. I always travelled with a black notebook, where I wrote everything about my trips and glued tickets, cards and photos – my early stage as a blogger.

My mum, a former air hostess, told me and my brother everything we needed to know about taking a plane. About flying.


It seemed such a big deal to me, I was excited beyond words. How I wish I could be as excited as I was then: I saw the world through pink glittery lenses, it was like falling in love. Well, I probably already was in love: with the idea of travelling. So young and such a wanderlust-er 🙂

It was 1992, Disneyland Paris had just opened. My dad had to go to Paris for work and decided to take me and my brother with him, to visit Disneyland. I bet he was just as curious and as excited as we were. Disney passion runs in our family: did I mention his second name is Walt?


I remember most of the things we did. We really had a blast. There’s especially one picture I love about that trip. It is hilarious. There is me – young fashionista with purple coat and yellow jeans (OMG) – and an Ewok, who is trying to hug me. Actually, I wanted to hug Tinkerbell, or Peter Pan, but the queue was too long, so my dad insisted in taking a picture of me and the Ewok. Gosh was he furry. In the picture my body is bent in the shape of a boomerang, you can really tell I am trying to sneak out.

And here’s the news, one of the best in seven years of blogging: we’ve been invited to the inauguration of the Christmas Season at Disneyland Paris.

Yes, all together. Yes! Isn’t it amazing?

Disneyland Paris Christmas

Not only we are going to Disneyland (just writing it makes me smile). Not only we’ll see all its amazing Christmas decorations and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Not only Viola will discover all the amazing attractions for the first time (I especially remember Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s a small world but I bet there are some new!). Not only we’ll see the Christmas and the Princesses Parade. NOT ONLY we’ll dine at Rémy’s restaurant.


I think Viola will be over the moon. She’ll want to stay in Disneyland forever.. haha. And me too!
Disneyland Paris Christmas

Now it’s time to close our suitcase and get ready. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because I’ll post a lot of photos, videos and updates! And, of course, more to come on the blog.

Yayyyyy! *____*

You’ll find Disneyland Paris Christmas until January 7th. Check the Official Website, there are some great offers for families 🙂