Meeting with my readers: #mcdsummermeetup

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The first thing I see when I arrive to the lovely concept store 1N1 Project, owned by Martina e Andrea, is a jug of watermelon-mint vodka drink.

“We made 8 litres of it” says Martina, and I’m quite relieved because if no one is going to show up – my worst ‘secondary-school-party’ kind of nightmare – at least I’m going to have something to drink.meetup40

Meanwhile, Andrea is preparing the dough for the ‘pizzette’. He has a special kind of slow rising dough made with some ‘bonded yeast’: a kind of yeast you make and then tie in a cotton cloth in order to enhance its strenght. I’ve never seen it before.


1N1 is a new concept store that mixes up very well the Italian food and hospitality with the Brit style and creativity. Martina selects the brands herself and there are some pretty amazing pieces, like this embroided silky bolero I fell in love with.


So, this is my very first meeting with my readers. Well, I’ve met readers before during my first book tour and during some events, but I never organized one myself. I’m quite nervous. Is anyone going to show up? Will the evening be nice? Am I too bold to organise a meetup for Italian readers in London? My fears luckily proved to be wrong, and the first girls started to arrive.


Shortly, the store was filled up with lovely ladies. It’s so strange for me to actually meet who’s on the other side of the screen. I mostly work alone, and I always feel a bit intimidated when it comes to show myself up. Compliments flatters and embarrass me at the same time. I’m a shy person, however extrovert I try to look.

meetup19meetup11      meetup20 meetup21meetup27meetup9meetup2meetup3

But, honestly: it was so easy to get along with all of you girls. You were so nice and so interesting! From the girl who does special effects for great movies like Maleficent to the one creating amazing accessories for kids. From the designers to the bio physics researcher. From the mum of four to the eighteen year old student. What a great bunch of ladies we were 😀

meetup26meetup22 meetup23meetup10meetup7


Some of you aren’t even living in London: you were here for work or holiday and just stopped by to say hello. How nice of you!


I really hope to organise another evening like this. Everything was so perfect, I really loved it.

Thanks to my friend Allegra – Theblairmumproject  for the photos and video:

Soon on my Facebook page more pics of the evening.