Lux, Belgium and France in one day: a road trip with Goodyear.

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This post is offered by Goodyear.

I wake up at 4 and cross a dark and sleepy London. I am reaching the airport to catch a flight to Luxemburg where the Goodyear team is waiting for me and other 5 European influencer for a one of a kind experience.


Here’s the group: me, Anne from Belgium, Karin from Holland, Leonie from Germany, Emily from the UK and Aliette from France. We’re here to discover all about safe driving and high quality tyres. In the Luxembourg countryside, already coloured in yellow and red, we start our discovery in the Goodyear labs.


The best part about my job is meeting people form all over the world who really wants to explain and create enthusiasm around their job. We spent a few hours discovering the tyres ‘backstage’. Did you know that the design affects the noise and stability of tyres? Did you know that part of the silica needed to create a tyre is coming from brown rice skin? And did you know that in the future we could have tyres able to generate electricity with their motion, so – hopefully – cars that don’t need any fuel? I didn’t. And it was fun and useful to discover all about tyres, which are such an important part of a car.


Another thing I discovered is that this is not just a man’s business. We met the two amazing and talented women in charge of the design division. They showed us some pretty cool tyres and explained us how the design can affect the grip.



After the lab tour it finally came our turn to test the tyres. I love driving and I was so excited about that. Well, let me tell you that I finally realised the importance of having the right tyres. We tried two cars: one with the Goodyear Vector4Seasons on, the other with random no-brand tyres. You don’t understand the difference until you try them on a wet surface. Braking the car at the same point, while the Goodyear car stops quite quickly, the second car just keeps going. And going. Aquaplaning to the extremes. It was quite scary.


Second day: road trip!


Five hour driving and three Countries: Lux, Belgium and France testing the Vector4Seasons tyres, as the name says they’re perfect for any season. We reach Bouillon, in Belgium, for a regenerating SPA treatment. A bubbly bath and a massage on a Friday morning: can I please order a year supply of this? Thanks.



The second stop is, if possible, even better: we visit the champagne producer Ruinart. The place where the bottles patiently wait to age a minimum of 3 years is a former extraction site from the Middle Age. We walked through the enchanted galleries and discovered a magical place.


Our visit ends in the best way: with a glass of Blanc de Blancs, 100% Chardonnay.IMG_3112imgspu

The last stop, not too far from Reims, is the best. We sleep in Droizy, a Medieval castle refurbished by a French gentleman – the Relais Heritage. Lost in the countryside at 60km from Paris, is a peaceful and charming place, especially if you arrive after a long day and find a fireplace and a glass of wine waiting for you 🙂


Next day, early morning, it’s time to leave. Amazing how two days can be so quick and at the same time so full of experiences. I wave goodbye and hope to come back here soon… maybe driving! I’ve always loved road trips.


Vorrei davvero poterlo fare, prestissimo!