2 ingredients home made lip balm

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A while ago, while researching for some coconut oil online, I discovered the marvellous world of the home-made lip balms. As Christmas is coming and I love home made presents, I decided to make a batch for my friends and relatives. I know they appreciate some lovely, all natural product as I do.
The recipe is super easy and you only need 2 ingredients: beeswax and coconut oil. You can make lip balm in minutes.

How to make home made lip balm:
First, grate the beeswax so it’s easier to melt.IMG_4768
Second, add the same quantity of coconut oil. The ratio is 1:1.IMG_4769IMG_4770
Then melt the mixture in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, depending on your microwave. It must melt but not boil.IMG_4771
Carefully pour the hot melt into the lip balm containers. I chose these pretty metallic ones 🙂
Wait until it cools down and becomes solid: your all natural home made lip balm is ready!
Now comes the fun part: packaging! I got the help of MOO.co.uk to create the most pretty, easy to stick labels.IMG_4766IMG_4774IMG_4775
The best thing about these MOO round stickers, apart from the great print quality and the lovely glossy finish, is that there’s no limit to how many different graphics you can upload. They’re absolutely great for packaging and promotion, but also to add a personal touch to a Christmas presents. They’d be ideal as a ‘signature’ on wrapped presents – be them home made or not.
I discovered MOO while printing my mini business cards a while ago and now it’s my first choice when it comes to printing special little things for my blog, my business and my everyday life. I’m already dreaming of printing some of the gold foiled business cards, but all the business card range is great. I love how you can have each card different from the other, it really shows personality and creativity. You can either upload your own graphic or choose one of the preset ones, all equally sleek, unique and beautiful.
What do you think about the stickers I’ve made?
MOO is the perfect partner if you own a business, a startup or a blog. Graphic and appearance DO make a difference when it comes to the overcrowded world of business. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out the MOO blog.
I strongly suggest to check the website out as today (December 2nd) there’s a Cyber Sale too and many products are 30% off.

Post in collaboration with MOO. Opinions are my own.