#MusicThursday n.1

Things I Like ·

Ok, as I am a massive music lover I felt the absolute need to dedicate a space in this blog for some good tunes.

As I said I’m a lover, not an expert, so you’ll find a good mix of great pieces and ear-bleeding pop hits, from classical music to vintage songs. Because that’s how I like it.

My #MusicThursday is in between the slow early-week mood and the weekend party vibe. It’s the music I loved to listen lately, in no particular order. This week my songs are:

1.Girl with one eye – Florence + The Machine

Because Flo is a muse, and I love everything she does. Having seen a YT video about her place, now I can tell I love her home as well. Girl crush all the way.

2. Lover, Please Stay – Nothing But Thieves

If you think ‘Hello’ made you cry, that’s just because you haven’t listened to this one. The singer voice is beyond spectacular.

3.Running to the sea – Royksopp

A perfect mix of beat and melody, like those bittersweet dances when he’s not at the club (as you expected instead).