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Post in collaboration with Lyst

We can officially stop quoting Jon Snow and his ‘winter is coming’ and start facing the truth: winter is already here.

If I could choose, I’d live on a tropical island where I could basically get by with a couple of dresses and shorts, but as I live in the wonderful but far from tropical London I need to invest in a more suitable wardrobe. I find it hard to dress with (some little) style when the weather is cold and windy like today, but as PJ + blanket is definitely not an option here are my winter wardrobe essential.


I don’t want to be cold. As I’m not willing to sacrifice at the altar of fashion you won’t find me anywhere near wearing a strapless dress with no tights on a December night. I still like to dress nicely though, that’s why I am making this short and pretty list with the help of… Lyst.

With Lyst, I discovered an amazing shopping website.

As the name says, it is a website that lists the best pieces from many e-commerce. The best thing about Lyst is the unique shopping experience it offers: it learns from your previous choices to offer you the most perfect selection based on your taste and style, so you don’t have to scroll through an endless page of items before finding ‘the one’.lyst9

I also love to have all my favourite brands in one place, and I love the fact that Lyst is super-fashionable yet it does not offer just expensive pieces from luxury brands. You will find anything, from Asos to Valentino, from H&M to Elie Saab.lyst5

Here, for example, I am wearing a lovely Pianurastudio dress, that is super nice but also extra warm as the top is made of fleece.lyst8

Worn with warm black tights is a perfect little piece for the autumn-winter wardrobe, and it’s also super versatile. It’s the kind of dress you can wear from office – with some flats or boots – to night – with heels and a few accessories.


I already made a few lists on Lyst, so it can learn more and more about my style…


..and so that I can casually share around my ‘Wish Lyst’ in time for Christmas. But the best thing about the lists is that Lyst automatically alerts you when an item goes on sale or comes back in stock. Brilliant!


Here then is my winter wardrobe essential list.

  1. A cape – this is the cape season.  A cape is not just a super fashionable item, but is super versatile as you can use it as a jumper, as a coat or over your coat if the weather gets super cold. It is flattering and understated, yet elegant.lyst_cape
  2. A little black dress – Life saver when it comes to all occasion, a little black dress is a must for the season. Black is perfect in winter: great even on the palest skin and ideal to match with something sparkly for the festive seasonblack_lyst
  3. A fabulous red dress – Party season has officially started: let’s kick it off the right way!red_lyst
  4. Festive shoes – because if weather is dull, the wardrobe doesn’t need to match. Golden, silver or shiny red shoes will cheer you up instantly.shoes_lyst
  5. A proper hat – I love hats, they are the finishing touch for any look. The Fedora is my favourite, but feel free to go bold and try something new.lyst_hat
  6. An easy beanie. – have hats but miss a beanie? Time to buy one! Nothing’s better for that casual-cozy winter look.lyst_beanie
  7. A cream jumper. – It makes me think of a lazy chilly Sunday spent between the park and a hot chocolate mug. The cream (or white, or light grey) knit/jumper is totally needed!    white_lyst

You can find all these items on Lyst, as well as many more.

What are your winter essentials and what would you add to this list? 🙂


Disclaimer: no boyfriendphotographers were harmed during the shooting of this post.